*1.5j Build Episode 1

Soarer 1jz – 1.5j Build Episode 1 – Soarer Modifications & How-To vlog Carrying on with the vlog theme of my 1.5j build (well Forrest Speedshop’s building the long block but yeh) The 2j block has arrived from Garage D in London after the first 2j block was measured up it was not good enough. […]

*Engine? What engine?

Soarer 1jz -Update vlog where’s my engine? – Soarer Modifications & How-To vlog Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards right? Well this car has certainly challenged me this year. First up I changed the stem seals, water pump, cam belt, idlers, tensioner. Then I did a BMW box conversion. Then…. the engine […]

PD20 – SOARER Badges CAD files

So I had a project for a friend and I thought I’d release the files here for people to use for vinyl cut versions of the badges. These are sized correctly on the file and should load right. If not for reference if you size the Toyota emblem to be 73mm high and keep the […]

*Gearbox conversion vlog part 2

Soarer 1jz – BMW Gearbox conversion P2 – Soarer Modifications & How-To vlog A continuation of video 1 for converting your Soarer to manual – I have to say at this stage that this is NOT a how to – you’ve got to realise the sheer volume of work shown here isn’t even close to […]

*Gearbox conversion vlog part 1

Soarer 1jz – BMW Gearbox Conversion Part 1 – Soarer Modifications & How-To vlog Right, this has been mind bending and a lot of work – I’m going to try to put it together into some sort of video but please bear with it. There was SO MUCH to do and I’ve tried to film […]

*1jz Water Pump and Cam Belt replacement…

Cam Belt replacement, a nightmare for some. Well it wasn’t far off for me. I hadn’t realised how long this took until I was editing the footage! OMG. Well you can now watch three in my series of Soarer Updates – 1 was stripping the engine down. 2 was replacing the stem seals. 3 – […]

*Fixed my Aux Belt Tensioner… did a how to…

While stripping my engine I discovered the Auxilliary belt tensioner pulley on my 1jz was on the way out, the bearing was totally gritting and noisy. So here’s a quick how to change the bearing if yours is doing the same. NOTE: Use a bigger socket as you can see in the video for refitting, […]